Best Wooden Watch

Best wooden watches

Set yourself apart with a unique watch

Wooden watches provide a unique twist to the common watch. You really have to be weary when buying a wooden watch, a lot of them are known for breaking very easily, and consisting of bad quality. Our research on the best wooden watches consisted of price, reviews, durability, style & quality.

Our Top Pick

Tense Multi Eye Two Tone - Sandalwood

Tense is known for their wooden watches, however a lot of them are either hit or miss. Tense Two Tone Sandalwood is definitely a hit. The style is simply beautiful, you won't be seeing other people with similar watches. There is only three eye wood watches in the world. The wood is definitely quality, and it will only become better with age because of oil from your skin. Owners of this watch have reported it's very comfortable, and light - you would forget you're wearing the watch if it wasn't for the constant comments/compliments you'll get from it.
Tense Multi Eye Two-Tone Mens Northwest Wood Watch G4300SDR:

Our Favorite Lighter Choice

Tense Wood Watch - Solid Walnut Maple

This Walnut Maple watch definitely deserves to be mentioned when referring to the "best wooden watches". It's uniquely made by hand with high quality walnut and maple. It looks nice enough to wear with a business suit, or casual enough to wear everyday. If you're looking for a simple, nothing fancy wooden watch that is affordable this is the best bang for your buck!
Tense Wood Watch - Mens Solid Walnut Maple Hypoallergenic Watch Unique RARE G7509WM:

Our Favorite Dark Toned Choice

WeWood Date Watches in blackwood

Wewood is the second most reputable company when it comes to wooden watches. This watch is very simple, it's not as "flashy" as the other watches listed above but it's still a solid wooden watch. You can truely wear this watch with any outfit, it'll go with anything. Like most wooden watches, it's very light and made with all natural wood. Just beware while listed as "black" it is indeed a very dark brown.
Wewood Men's Date Black Wooden Watch: $68.97


Tense Multi Eye Two Tone Mens Sandalwood Wood Watch (G4300SD) Review: A very stylish wooden watch that will be sure to get you a lot of compliments. It's made with quality and is known to last!

Tense Wood Watch - Solid Walnut Maple (G7509WM) Review: A simple watch, with a sleek design. A definite good buy if you're looking for a watch that is casual.

Wewood Date Black (Dark Brown) Wooden Watch Review: Also a simple watch, that is very versatile and can go with nearly any outfit. It wont stand out too much. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.