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I've been drinking this Eight O'Clock Colombian Whole Bean coffee for about a year now, and have to say - I don't think I'll ever buy another brand again. I even find myself turning down a cup of coffee when at a friend's home, simply because it isn't my favorite Colombian variety from Eight O'Clock. I first found this brand when my previous favorite Colombian coffee was discontinued at my local supermarket. Not wanting to break the bank by trying one of those overpriced “premium” coffees, I decided to give another Colombian brand a go and ended up being very pleasantly surprised. I don't even miss my old favorite anymore! While I could probably go on for days about how delicious the mellow flavor of this coffee is, that really isn't even the best part to me. What I love most about this coffee is how consistently high quality it is from batch to batch. Even with my old favorite, I would sometimes get a batch that tasted a little funny, or not quite as fresh as before. With my new favorite Eight O'Clock coffee that has never been an issue, every bag tastes exactly the same as the last. In fact, their method of vacuum sealing their bags is the best, tightest seal I've seen to date. I used to only buy my coffee one bag at a time to ensure it would stay fresh. With the Eight O'Clock beans, I often buy three or four at a time because the vacuum seal is so tight, I can open it eight months from now and it will taste like I just bought it yesterday. This incredible vacuum seal is kind of a recent development though I think, because I didn't notice the seal being this good on their mostly brown packaging, only with their newer, mostly white packaging. If all that wasn't enough to make me happy, the fact that this one of the cheaper coffees around makes the whole thing even sweeter. I just can't get enough of this coffee!

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