Best Stopwatch for Running

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

Choosing a great stopwatch for runners

Having a good stopwatch for running is crucial. You need something that can provide accurate times, and always be dependable. Time must be completely accurate to provide optimal results. Our experts based the following decision based on the following: Effectiveness, durability, accuracy, and functionality.

Our Top Pick

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

An easy top pick, the Ultrak 360 is an affordable stopwatch, and has the features that many $40+ stopwatches have. It features 30 dual split recall-able memory. The display is electro-lit and has a large two row split screen. It can record up to 10 hours, fits into your hand perfectly and is very dependable. Simply put, you won't find a better stopwatch for this price - trust us. You have nothing to worry about considering it does have a three year warranty.
Ultrak 360 Stopwatch

Another Great Choice

Ultrak Seiko 10 Lap Memory Timer

The Seiko Ultrak is a high quality, durable stopwatch. It's water resistant, running on a lithium battery. It measures up to 100 hours in 1/100 of a second - with a split/lap time measurement. The Ultrak stores and recalls up to 10 split/lap times, and has a memory recall. There is zero delay when resetting it to zero - a big flaw in most stopwatches. Overall a dependable, effect stopwatch, it would be #1 if it weren't for the price.
Ultrak Seiko 10 Lap Memory Timer
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Ultrak 360 Stopwatch Review: The Ultrak 360 stopwatch is an affordable stopwatch with the standard features, overall amazing for it's price, and it comes with a three year warranty. The best bang for your buck by far.

Ultrak Seiko 10 Lap Memory Timer - The Ultrak Seiko 10 Lap memory timer is the most durable stopwatch we have listed. It also has all the standard features, but overall it feels like a more "exclusive/expensive" stopwatch. We feel the price may be a tad bit too much, but overall a good buy. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.