Best Radar Detectors Under $200

Radenso XP Radar & Laser Detector with GPS Lockouts

The best radar/laser detectors under $200

While radar and laser dectectors can range from $20 to $1000+, don't make the mistake of buying an overly cheap one. Just one speeding ticket can easily cost you more than a mid-range priced unit so a good radar detector will easily pay for itself.

Our Top Pick

Radenso XP Radar Detector

The Radenso XP radar detector offers long-range detection of radar and laser speed guns up to several miles away. With advanced filtering capabilities, it prevents false alerts, including those from blind spot monitors and traffic sensors. The GPS lockout technology allows it to remember false alerts on your commonly driven routes, so you never have to listen to the same alert twice. The low speed muting feature automatically reduces the volume below a user-selected speed. Other great features include the beautiful OLED display and a smart dark mode which ensures that the display stays black until an alarm occurs. Radenso offers high-quality technical support, and you can easily update the software with Windows or Mac OS. It's ready to use right out of the box and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Offers excellent false and blind spot monitoring filtering.
  • Allows you to adjust the sensitivity of false alarms, which helps ignore most electronic doors and other false alarms.
  • Features a smart dark mode that keeps the display black until an alarm occurs.
  • The smart dark mode is useful when you're listening to music loudly, as the display catches your attention even without hearing the alarm.
  • Comes with a solid mounting bracket and suction cups.
  • The OLED display is vibrant and easy to read.


  • The power plug is on the driver's side, which can add clutter to line of sight, unlike most units where it is on the passenger side.
  • Allows you to adjust the sensitivity of false alarms, which helps ignore most electronic doors and other false alarms.
  • User-friendly, but not super easy to learn without instructions which are not included in the box. The website instructions are somewhat vague and can be confusing after firmware updates.
  • Selecting a "user point" can be a confusing feature and lead to accidentally setting pointless user points. This can be turned off in expert mode, but it's not clear why someone would use this feature.

Despite the few drawbacks, for under $200, the Radenso XP is your best buy for a radar/laser detector.

Radenso XP Radar Detector
$179.95 Amazon Prime Shipping

Our Top Budget Pick

Cobra RAD450

Our top choice for those who are on a tighter budget. The RAD450 has you covered with detection of all radar and laser signals with detection from the front and reas as well as being able to detect "Instant-on radar guns". You can go cheaper but you're really better off spending an extra $30-$50 to get a unit like the Cobra RAD450. For the extra money you're getting better protection against false alerts which can be very annoying as well as a silent mode and verbal alerts so you don't have to take your eyes off the road.
Cobra RAD450
$129.00 Amazon Prime Shipping


Radenso XP is no question your best buy based on price, specifications and effectiveness.

Cobra RAD450 is your best choice if you want a cheaper option. You still get full radar and laser signal coverage, decent false alert protection and verbal alerts for just under $100. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.