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Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill When it comes time to buy a new grill, most people would tell you to just go straight out and buy a Weber and be done with it. Going with a Weber is a pretty safe decision, but I'm not the type to just go out and buy something without doing the research first. That said, after doing my research, I ended up deciding on a Weber anyways, the Weber One-Touch 22-1/2 Inch Kettle Grill to be exact. Could I have gone out and just picked this one without doing any research? Sure, but I feel more confident knowing I picked the right one after doing research.
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Most of you are probably already familiar with Weber grills and what they do. This one does very little to innovate above and beyond that, but that's a good thing too. If you've ever used a charcoal grill before, there should be no confusion at all when it comes time to get set up. All the features and functions you'd expect are still there, with no other bells and whistles to pop out and surprise you. Once you get it home, you'll probably want to begin using it immediately. Luckily, assembly is very simple and shouldn't take you more than about 20 minutes or so. It also features one-touch cleaning which was one of the other things that caused me to become attracted to the Weber in the first place. After having it home for a while, I can say that the one-touch cleaning isn't quite as efficient as they'd lead you to believe it is, but it works well enough and I'm definitely glad they included it. You would be wise to look for it as a feature on any grill, even if you don't choose this exact model. [asa Price]B00004RALU[/asa] Read More Details & Customer Reviews
[asa Price]B00004RALU[/asa]
More Great Choices
  Speaking of other models, I also looked at the George Foreman GGR50 Indoor/Outdoor Grill. It looks like a great grill, especially if you're only going to use it in one area, but in the end the lack of wheels meant it wouldn't be versatile enough to move around. It doesn't seem all that heavy and I'm sure you could pick it up and carry it easily enough, but having wheels really helps. Read More Details & Customer Reviews
I also looked at the Volcano Outdoors 20-200 Collapsible Grill thinking I could go for a more portable option. This one looks great for camping or while on the road, and is probably good enough for home use if you aren't too serious about grilling. So the hobby griller could likely get by just fine with the Volcano, but anyone who is more serious should get a more permanent solution for at home as well as a more portable travel edition. Read More Details & Customer Reviews
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