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There are so many different men's messenger bags, choosing the best one is tough to do. Although fashion can be highly opinionated we based the best men's messenger bag on price, quality of leather, durability, and overall design. Any of the messenger bags below will be great, picking the right one for you is your job. Keep in mind we are finding messenger bags in terms of fashion, not in terms of best for camera/laptop ect. 1. David King & Co Large Distressed Leather Laptop Messenger Bag - This distressed leather messenger bag is made with near perfect quality for under $200. It's entirely double stiched making it look and feel durable. The front flap is made of thick leather, and uses a brass lock to secure it. Underneath the flap is two stylish pockets. Above the two pockets is a zipper compartment perfect for a notebook or small binder. Inside the bag is three different sections. One small, one medium and one big main section. It's obvious that the bag design itself is created with effeciency in mind. The leather is decent quality for it's price, it gives ruggeded but professional look. Distressed leather is your best option when looking for a messenger bad at this price - otherwise your leather will damage in an unwanted way. $179   2. Vagabond Traveler Signature Oil Tanned Leather Messenger Bag - The Vagabond Traveler Bag is made of thick leather, when you touch it you can just tell it's durable. The zippers are also very thick, like something you'd see on an expensive coat. The overall style and look of this messenger bag is what makes us rate it so highly. It features a look very similar to bags that are in the $400-500 range. It kind of made us wonder if theres a catch, but we couldn't find anything negative about this messenger bag. If you're looking for a unique, professional looking bag that nobody will have - this is for you. $139.00   3. Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag - This bag is a very popular bag among men. This bag can be worn with a suit or even sweat pants. It's reported that the colors dont tend to bleed, which is a big problem in most darker color messenger bags. It's a very thin bag, but still can hold quite a bit without looking too bulky. The leather quality is good, but you cant expect perfection at this price range. Leather will wear after several months, that is fully expected on any messenger bag under $200. The interior of the bag is very simple, and it is very comfortable to wear. If you're looking for an everyday, thin, simple messenger bag this is perfect for you - but be warned a lot of people do own this bag. $100

Best Men's Leather Messenger Bag Under $600

1. SaddleBack Leather Messenger Bag - An amazing messenger bag made by an amazing company. This saddleback leather messenger bag is made from a thick 100% grain boot leather. Before we go on, we'd like to mention it's covered by a 100 year warranty - and it's a "no hassle" warranty. It does convert to a backback, or even a breifcase so it's very versitle. Overall the quality is fantastic, it has no breakable parts, and every stress point is double-stiched. Honestly, you're not going to find a better quality and more durable messenger bag. This is one of those bags that you just cannot pass up, and you'll fall in love with it right away. We seriously can't find anything negative about it. Easily worth the extra money! $500-600 (Please click a color or "Buy Now" to see exact price) 2. Saddleback Thin Leather Messenger Bag - A less bulky version of the #1. It's still made with quality and has zero breakable parts, and best of all covered by the 100 year warranty. Don't let "thin" scare you away, this bag will hold a lot more than you think. You can tell Saddleback cares about the products they put out, the stitching seems like someone hand-stitched with perfect precision. I guess with a 100 year warranty you have to offer a great product. You will not be disappointed with this messenger bag! $411  

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David King & Co Distressed Leather Messenger Bag interior and exterior is near perfect. The bag is made with precision and has many nifty features/sections. VagaBond Traveler has a very sleek and expensive look to it. This makes it the perfect stylish messenger bag while on a budget. Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag is considered to be a mainstream messenger bag. It has a decent quality leather, but it will wear after a couple of months. It's small, simple and comfortable to wear. SaddleBack Leather Messenger Bag Classic is simply the best messenger bag you can buy, as far as quality, durability, and overall use. SaddleBack Thin Leather Messenger bag is a less bulky version of the classic, and it keeps it's promise of quality.