Best (In Ear) Headphones

Tired of having your headphones break after a month? So are we. Let's jump on the bandwagon and buy Dre Beats because they are the best headphones on the market right? No! Honestly, you'd be better off buying the $15.o0 headphone we have listed below! Our experts at have researched all types of in ear headphones and have found you the absolute best in-ear headphones on the market today! We are so confident in our findings that we've provided a complete list with including: (Best Durable Headphones, Best Headphones for Bass & Best Headphones for the gym!) Stop wasting your money today, and enjoy some eargasms!

Best Durable Headphones & Overall Quality)

1. VSonic GR07 - Easily the best overall headphones for under $200. Music will honestly give you an eargasm like you've never had before. If you have the money, this will be your best invest in headphones - and you'll never look back. The bass is a perfect deepness and controlled. The midrange is practically crystal clear. Frequently the highs will over power the balance on in ear monitors, not with these headphones. The soundstage is something out of this world. Just imagine being in a room designed for listening to music with over $30,000 worth of gear - thats what it feels like when you listen to these headphones. Absolutely perfect for the price! $179.00 2. BrainWavz M2 - We understand not everyone in this economy can afford to put down nearly ~$200 on headphones. BrainWavz M2 features a much cheaper durable headphone with an overall great sound quality. When looked at in terms of "best bang for the buck" BrainWavz M2 really does match up with VSonic Gr07. These are high quality In-ear headphones with amazing sound and they will last. The cord is thick, and amazingly does not tangle much! They are known to last, and not lose effectiveness unlike many other headphones. $55-59.00

Most Affordable Best Headphones For Bass

1. Klipsch Image S4 In Ear Enhanced Bass - Enhanced bass is an understatement when talking about the Klipsch S4. If you're a bass lover this is absolutely perfect for you. You will not find a better bass headphones for this price. They are a very well balanced headphones, with amazing bass. These have also been rated by top companies in the top 10 best headphones - we agree they are great, but we wouldn't call them the best overall headphones - they are the best headphones for bass. Please note: A burn in period is needed with these headphones (40-60 hours of playing music at 30% higher than usual). $19.00   2. MEElectronics M31 - A step behind the S4 but still deserves to be on the list of Most Affordable Best Headphones for Bass. Again, the M31 most effective feature is the bass. For a headphone this price you may think the amount of bass would absolutely overpower the mids - but this is not the case. Everything about the M31 produces a clean and "bassy" output. The build of these headphones are also great, it feels like they could withstand a decent amount of abuse (but dont abuse them). $28-39.99

Best Headphone for the Gym

All the above headphones will work for the gym. However, we wanted a category that provides a headphone that is best for the gym. Meaning something durable, stays in your ears, relatively cheap incase of an accident and great sound quality. 1. MEElectronics M9 Hi-Fi In Ear Headphones - We found these to be the best suitable headphones for the gym. Overall a great sounding headphone for under ~$20. The bass is smooth, not overpowering but it is there when needed. The mid-ranges are decent, but still a lot better than most headphones this price. The high-ranges are great, easily compares to headphones in the ~100 range. They are pretty well built, very light and cancel just the right amount of noise for a gym atmosphere. $15.99

Summary of: "Best (In-Ear) Headphones"

Vsonic GR07 is a must buy if you're looking for purely amazing headphones that will last, and provide you with eargasms that you've never heard before. Under that is BrainWavz M2 (don't buy the m4), which are a much cheaper but overall great sounding and durable headphones that are perfect for anyone on a budget. If you're into bass you should definitely invest in either the Klipsch Image S4, which are designed for bass or the MEElelectronics M31 (can't go wrong with either). We found the MEElectronics M9 to be perfect for the gym, a cheap, good sounding pair of in-ear headphones.