Best Electric Space Heaters

A perfect space heater for any situation

If you're like me, you've got at least one room in your house that just doesn't get warm enough. For me, it was my bedroom and during a recent, past winter, I decided it was time to upgrade my old space heater with a better, quite space heater that wouldnt't bother me while sleeping.

After some extensive research and returning several heaters that didn't make the cut, I found several great choices for different needs:

Our Top Pick

This Lasko has a clean look, an easy to read display and intuitive controls. But the main thing I noticed was how quiet it was.

Some space heaters use small fans which can be quite loud or make a loud ticking sound when turning on or off which can be annoying when trying to sleep as it turns on and off. The Lasso didn't have this problem. While it isn't completely silent, this is a very quiet space heater.

It did a great job of warming up my bedroom which is over 250 sq ft (9ft ceiling) in only about 10-20 minutes depending on how cold it was and how warm I wanted it thanks to 1500 watts of heating power. It can be set to oscillate back and forth to spread out the heat for larger areas or when you don't want the heat focused in one direction.

The 8 hour timer lets you set how long you want it to run or you can just set the temperature you want the room to be and it will automatically keep the room at that temperature. Another great touch is that it comes with a remote control that lets you control it from across the room or without having to get out of bed.

Basic safety features include overheating protection which will shut the heater off if the heating element gets too hot and the outside of the unit stays cool so there's no danger of being burnt if you or your pet touches it.

I love this heater.It's quiet, heats the room quickly and I don't have to get out of bed to adjust it.It really hits the sweet spot between features and price.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

Best Space Heater For Bathrooms

If you're looking for something you can use to keep your bathroom nice and warm, this Holmes designed specifically for use in a bathroom or anywhere else that it might get wet or fall into water. You can securely mount it to the wall and it has an ACLI power plug which means that if it falls in the tub, it will instantly shut off the power and keep you safe. It's got the power to easily warm up even a large bathroom and comes at a great price.

Additional features include a clock, digital controls, a timer and an auto thermostat to keep the room at your ideal temperature.

Holmes Heater Fan with Bathroom Safe Plug
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Best Completely Silent Space Heater

If you want something totally silent, this radiant heat Lasko is what you want. It has no fans so there's no noise or dust build up and it can actually warm your room faster than noisy heaters with fans.

The built-in auto termostat lets you keep the room at a comfortable temperature at all times and it uses significantly less power than heaters with fans. Some customers have reported electricity savings of half and even a third compared to other heaters.

Standard safety features are included to shut the heater off if it tips over or gets too hot.

Additional features include a clock, digital controls, a timer and an auto thermostat to keep the room at your ideal temperature. If a quite space heater what you're looking for, it doesn't get more quite than this.

Lasko Low Profile Silent Room Heater

Best Space Heater For Offices And Small Spaces

If you've got a cold office, cubicle, dorm room or any other small space, the My Heat is a simple and inexpensive way to stay warm.

It only uses 200 watts of power so it won't trip office circuit breakers but still has the power to easily warm a 10ft x 12ft room and stay cool to the touch. It has standard heater safety features that will shut the heater off if it gets too hot or the unit tips over.

My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater
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