Best Deodorant for Sweat

Maxim Sensitive Clinical Strength Antiperspirant for Women and Men. Blocks Sweat up to 7 days per application. Effective Clinical Antiperspirant for Sweat & Odor, Maxim Antiperspirant Roll-On, 1 Pack, 1 Fl Oz, Sensitive

Let's be honest, sweat stains suck - stop trying to hide it by purchasing the best deodorant for sweat. The key to finding the best deodorant for sweat is finding ones containing a high amount of Aluminum Chloride. It simply acts a "band-aid", holding back the sweat in the spot that you apply it. In some severe cases you will need to get a prescription via a dermatologist, but there are some decent deodorants for sweat on the market. It's important to read about each product below, because they all contain different strengths.

Our Top Pick

Maxim anti-perspirant is the most effective deodorant for sweat on todays market. While not being too strong, but strong enough to take care of the problem it contains 15% aluminum chloride. Apply it at night, the next day you won't sweat from that spot - as simple as that. Maxim Anti-Perspriant is a real life-changer to some, and overall doesn't have any major side-effects other than the occasional burning sensation. The price is great considering you're getting two products in one.
Maxim Sensitive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Clincal Strength Clear Unscented

Our Pick For Extreme Sweat

Driclor Antiperspirant should only be used in extreme sweat problems. It's very strong, containing over 20% aluminum chloride. In most cases any product with this strength would require a prescription. If you're someone who has tried other deodorants for sweat elimination and has little to no luck, this is your go-to product. Driclor 95% of the time will take care of your sweat problem, and if not it's critical to see a doctor or dermatologist for further evaluation.
Driclor Antiperspirant Roll on 75ml


Maxim Anti-Perspriant & Deodorant Clinical Strength Clear: The Maxim Anti-Perspriant is the perfect anti-sweat deodorant for most people. It's strong, but not too strong.

Driclor Antiperspirant: Driclor should only be used in extreme cases. It contains a large amount of aluminum chloride, like most pharmaceutical-grade anti-sweat products. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.