Best Circular Saw

A circular saw should be part of every working Americans power tool collection. When looking for the best circular saws we took into account many different things including: cutting power, blade adjustment, overall design, reviews and more. Circular saws should last you for a very very long time, so buying the best one is crucial. Interesting enough, a lot of circular saws were poor quality - but we have found you the absolute best circular saws. Best Circular Saw #1 - Makita 5007MG Magnesium - This circular saw is one of the highest rated circular saws for it's price making it the best circular saw. First off, it starts smoothly and it's pretty quiet when compared to other circular saws. The grip is perfect, the fuction levers are well-placed and sturdy. In other words - the exterior of this circular saw is literally perfect. It even comes with a LED light, that is very useful when cutting in dark places. The cord will not fray, and will not come out, perfect for any working enviroment. The Makita 5007MG has plenty of power, but remains smooth and very accurate. Perfect for a casual worker who needs a well built saw with good features. $139   Best Circular Saw #2 - Milwaukee 6390-21 - Milwaukee is all about power, and this circular saw has a lot of it. This saw will cut through just about anything you want it to cut with precise accuracy. It's light and very easy to handle. All the adjustments are quick and easy. The base is large, but very sturdy. This saw is perfect for anyone who knows they will have to cut through tough things on a regular basis. $140   Best Circular Saw #3 - Bosch CS5 120-Volt - Bosch is a well known company, but lately their tools haven't been the best - maybe they are trying to fix that because this circular saw is a great buy. For under $120 you're getting a toughly built saw with a perfect line of sight. Think of this saw as the base model of circular saws. The Boshe CS5 is nothing fancy, it doesn't come with all the features - but it does what it's supposed to do. This saw is perfect for heavy duty construction. $117

Summary of: "Best Circular Saws"

The Makita 5007MG is a all around an amazing saw, with many features making it the "luxory" version of circular saws. It would be perfect for a casual person who needs a circular saw around the house. The Milwaukee 6390 is a powerhouse saw, if your other circular saws can't cut something, theres a good chance this milwaukee can. Perfect for someone who is going to be doing heavy duty cutting. Bosch CS5 is the base model of circular saws, no real fancy features.. just a saw that works and is reliable - making it the best circular saw for a heavy duty construction site.