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Bod Man Black Fragrance Body Spray for Men, 8 Fl Oz

Smell great without getting ripped off

Everyone wants to smell good but you don't need to spend $60 or more on an expensive brand. Cologne is simply (in most cases) overpriced as what you're really paying for is the marketing and packaging. You'd be surprised by how much money you can save if you buy a good cheap cologne.

It has taken us awhile to compile a list of the best, cheap men's colognes, but we came up with some great choices. I think you'll find that these smell better than many brands that cost 6 to 10 times as much.

Here are our picks for the best cheap men's colognes:

Our Top Pick

Bod Man Black Fragrance Body Spray

You may have seen this cologne on commercials and taken it as a joke. The marketing for this cologne wasn't the best, I'll give it that. This 8oz spray bottle smells almost exactly like armani code, a $75 cologne. Many people have had reported they've gotten many compliments from women, and even men asking what it is. The scent even seems to last longer than most expensive colognes. You can't go wrong with this $7 best cheap cologne.
Bod Man Black Fragrance Body Spray
$8.77 ($1.10 / Fl Oz) Amazon Prime Shipping

Our Second Pick

Quorum By Puig For Men

Another decently cheap priced cologne that matches up with other colognes selling for 10x as much. This is a very manly cologne that gives off a strong scent. The scent is described as a musky cedar, giving off a masculine scent of confidence and strength. This one of the few colognes that doesn't seem to be designed for an 18 year old female, for a very affordable price. Be warned though, if you're not wanting a strong scent that will bring you positive attention skip this cologne!
Quorum By Puig For Men

Our Third Pick

BOD Man Fresh Blue Musk Body Spray

Yes, another cologne made by Bod. This is a bit different than the black version, and it smells very similar to "Davidoff Cool Water" which is a very respected cologne with very good reviews. The Bod version is a little bit different with a re-worked formula, but it seems to be a very good formula that you can't go wrong with.
BOD Man Fresh Blue Musk Body Spray
$11.10 ($1.39 / Fl Oz) Amazon Prime Shipping


Most colognes are overpriced. There is no need to pay $50+ for colognes when you can get ones that smell very similar for a way cheaper price. It's hard to find cheap quality colognes, but we have compiled a list of the best three cheapest colognes.

Bod Black smells almost identical to the expensive cologne called "amarni code".

Quorum by Puig is a very distinctive strong masculine scent, many people have received positive comments and it has great reviews.

Bod Blue is very similar to DavidOff Cool Water, a respectable cologne. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.