Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Do you know a wine drinker? Of course you do! Finding a gift for that person has never been this easy. Give something that will be sure to leave a good impression! The Mind blowing wine bottle holder will leave people confused when they see a metal chain holding a wine bottle up. It's like magic, well not really... but it does blow your mind when you first see it in person! Just imagine seeing ten of these lined up in a row. True Fabrications Chain Wine Holder

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  This thing looks cool, but is it actually strong enough to hold a wine bottle? It sure is. The metal chain wine bottle holder is very strong, sturdy, and durable - it WILL hold your wine bottle. It's very heavy, but that is a good thing when it comes to wine holders. Best of all, it's cheap. Don't pass up on something like this - a gift under $15.00 that is uncommon, cool-looking, and perfect for wine lovers. It's not limited to wine lovers - anyone that has a bottle of wine in their house can use this.

User Reviews: Mind Blowing Wine Bottle Holder

"My parents are avid wine drinkers. They have a nice collection, but they currently just sit in the kitchen pantry. I got them a wine tour gift card in Fredricksburg, TX for a two-day wine tour. I knew they'd love it, and I knew they'd bring back some bottles of wine. Well, they ended up bringing about 10 bottles of wine back home. I had ordered this wine bottle opener a couple of days before they went.. and had it ready for them when they came back. They were actually really surprised by this wine bottle holder, it's a great gift.. I ended up buying four more for my friends and family which I will be giving them out for christmas. Wonderful product! ++" - Kayla, TX