Camera Lens Coffee/Drink Cup

Do you know a photographer? Do they drink a liquid? Of course they do.. this is honestly the best gift you can purchase for a photographer without breaking your bank. The Camera Lens cup is a cup that represents the Canon EF 100MM Macro USM Lens. Infact, it looks real - almost a bit too real. It features a high-quality detailed based cup that can hold up to 350ml of liquid. If you know someone with a passion for photography, they will simply be amazed. This is definitely a head-turner, and will spark a conversation in a second. Who wouldn't be surprised seeing someone take a sip out of an expensive camera lens?

At A Glance: Camera Lens

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Camera Lens Cup Review:

"I received this as a gift for my birthday. I am a photographer, and when I first saw it I was a bit confused because I thought it was a real lens. Needless to say this is easily one of the best gifts I have received. I use it daily and people are always asking me about it, where I got it, and if I made it. It really does shock people when you drink from a camera lens haha. I have never seen anyone with one of these other than me, so it's still new and definitely not overplayed.. yet. Seriously one of the coolest things I have seen, highly recommend it to anyone who is a photographer or as a gift for a photographer, they will love it and you. Seriously." - Online Reviewer