Best Unique Keychains

Looking for a cool unique keychain for your key-ring? We have found a good variety of unique keychains that will definitely impress others. Did you know keychains can save lives? It's happened before, and you never know when you'll need one. Keychains make great gifts to loved ones for an affordable price. Best Unique Keychain #1 - Swiss Tech 19 in 1 keychain is a very useful keychain. You wouldn't think that it's possible to have 19 working tools in such a small keychain - but you can. It features two hex wrenches, six screwdrivers, a set of pliers, bottle opener, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, hand drill, file, 2 rulers, 2 ruler extensions and a limited lifetime warranty. This keychains makes a great gift for all ages and is easily one of the best keychains you can have.   Best Unique Keychain #2 - Car Escape Tool Keychain can literally save your life or a loved ones life. This keychain is designed to be able to cut seatbelts off with ease, and most importantly break windows with a push of a button. If you ever find yourself in a water accident where your door won't open and the water levels are rising you NEED to break the window. How will you break it? With this keychain on your car key ring. It is a life saver, and makes the best gift.   Best Unique Keychain #3 - Bottle Opener Keychain - you never know when you'll need a bottle opener. Don't be found without a bottle opener.This keychain gives you a stylish and effective way to never "be that guy" that doesn't have anyway to open a bottle when needed the most.  

Summary of: "Best Unique Keychains"

Having a keychain can literally save your life - and are very helpful because you always have your keys with you! The Swiss Tech 19 in 1 keychain has nineteen helpful tools that you may need in everyday life, it comes with a life-time warranty which means it's built with quality. Car Escape Tool Keychain makes a great gift because it provides your loved ones with a life-saving tool that is effective and gives you a peace of mind. The Bottle Opener Keychain is a sleek and stylish keychain that will most likely come in handy. Don't be found without a bottle opener, you never know when you or someone else may need it!