Best Speaker System for iPod/iPad/iPhone

Many people are simply not happy with an iPod speaker dock after purchasing one. Here's a little secret: most of them are a "glorified" table radio sounding system. Did you know you can buy a high quality speaker system and plug your iPod/iPad directly into it or into an iPod Dock? You'll have a much better sounding system, far better than any iPod dock speakers can offer. AudioEngine A5 - A highly rated speaker by audiophile. The A5 will deliver a remarkably clean and powerful sound, even at lower levels they sound smooth. These are decent sized speakers, so they may be a little overkill for apartments - but they are perfect for pool parties, taking to the beach, or jamming out in your room. The A5's are plug and play ready speakers, they do not require a seperate AMP or Subwoofer, but you always have an option to add those! A5's are often compared to speakers in the ~$500 range. I think it's also very important to note how well AudioEngines customer support is - in almost all cases they will replace any A5 with little to no hassle. $299   AudioEngine A2 - A bit smaller than the A5, but the same jist of preformance. The specifcations of this 4"x6" speaker is unmatched. Bass is clean, you can hear it but it in no way is overpowering. You'll be amazed at the power these speakers can put out being so small. If you're looking for something a bit smaller and more portable than the A5 you'll love these. Keep in mind, like the A5's these ship with an iPod connector so it really is plug and play! $199   M-Audio Studiophile AV40 - The AV40 is for the people that are on a major budget. To get the most out of your money you'd want to buy the top two, but the AV40 is still a decent buy. These speakers are made to give more of a "flat", unchanged sound. The mids and highs sound great, but with little to no bass. Is it worth the money? Yes... However, we promise that you'll enjoy the sound of the A2 more. $146  

Summary of "Best Speaker System for iPod/iPad/iPhone"

Docking speaker systems suck - any true audiophile will be able to tell you that. Many people are just unaware when it comes to plug and play speakers such as the ones listed above. The AudioEngine A5 is looked upon highly when it comes to speakers, it has a lot of power, sounds clean and smooth and will definitely make your party more kickin'. AudioEngine A2 is the exact same concept, but will allow you to bring it wherever you go - perfect for the beach! While the M-Audio Studiophile AV40 is a good speaker, it produces a flat unchanged sound and we only recommend it if you're on a major budget.