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Request a Review

Here at ConfirmedBest we care about your requests and we will research every product that you are interested in. Please keep in mind, we actually do research each and every product as if we we’re buying it. This process does take time, but we will get to your request. To make a request, please follow the below guidelines:

 How to Request a Product for us to Research

  •  Start out by either becoming a fan on our facebook page or our twitter page. This will allow us to keep track of all requests, and inform you when the request is done.
  • Send us a message – however you feel on either facebook or twitter with your request.
  • Once the request is finished, we post it on our wall or on our page – showing you that the request is done.
  • Enjoy the professionally researched rich information we provide you!


– No adult content is allowed, our site is dedicated to every age group – so we must keep it clean.

-No Alcohol or drug content is allowed.

We have the right to deny any request, however we will have a good reason for doing so.