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About Confirmed Best

Confirmedbest.com is to helping you find the best products for very specific needs.

Unlike other product review sites, we don’t ask things like, “What are the best headphones?”, we ask, “What are the best headphones for running.” We get specific because you have specific needs and those needs require looking for certain features and price ranges.

Everything is written and researched by a real live person, not a script that gathers online reviews.  Hours upon hours are put into each product to give you a professional well-researched best product.

Why we do what we do

We get satisfaction knowing that the research we do, many time for our own shopping needs, is helping others save time and money. But we also get a small commissions from each item you purchase from Amazon through one of our product links.

This helps compensate for all the time it takes to do reviews, buy products to test and outsourcing various aspects of maintaining the site.

These commissions don’t alter our reviews in any way:

  • We choose the products we truly feel are best, not products that we can make a commission on. Because Amazon sells virtually everything you can think of, we haven’t come across a case where the best product our research uncovered wasn’t available there.
  • We never chose higher priced products over cheaper ones unless they truly are better and worth the price, even then, we always try and offer great options at lower prices to fit different budgets.
  • We buy all items we review with our own money. We are never compensated to give favorable reviews.

How do we do our research?

  • User Reviews – User reviews are often looked at, but we are careful with these – it seems that a lot of user reviews are often fake, and more than often they are simply not true. We look at user reviews from “real” users, such as gathering information from forums dedicated to that product.
  • Videos – Videos often come in handy when we are conducting our research, even though we do not have the product in our hand, a video gives us a better angle at the product itself (and it’s effectiveness)
  • Price – For the most part we pick products that are affordable to the general public. We will admit that you can probably find a better product than some of our number one picks. For example: We have a $170.00 headphone listed as the best headphones. Is it possible there is headphones that are more expensive that are better? Yes – but we provide the “best bang for your buck”.
  • Specifications – Specifications play a big role, and are often overlooked by many. Some products are simply better because they offer better specifications.
  • Effectiveness – Obviously, a product that does what it is supposed to do is always better.
  • Science – Science is played into our research, especially in the health section.
  • Product testing – We buy many of the products we research. In fact, a lot of the reviews we do start as research for our own shopping needs.
  • And a lot more – We really do our research, we know our stuff. Some products call for a different type of research.

As you can see – we care about the products we label as the best.

The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the site owner and those contracted to review products. We only endorse products and services that we believe, based on our experience and research to be worth of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or providers.